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Our mission is to reduce radon levels in homes that are higher than the EPA’s stated safe level (4 pCi/L.) We guarantee a final result below this level, so you can feel safe in your home. With installation, the mitigation fan and system come with a warranty. We are fully licensed and insured, so you can feel secure choosing Mock’s Radon Reduction, Inc.

How will the system look in your home? We prefer to run the mitigation system through your home instead of outside of the home. The only part of the system you will see from the outside of your house is the exhaust pipe exiting the roof. Running the system through the home takes more time, but at Mock’s Radon we like to avoid affecting the outer appearance of the house, with unsightly pipes.

Last year alone an estimated 565,650 deaths were caused by cancer.  Several types of cancer have no cure and/or no way to prevent it from happening.  But you can prevent lung cancer caused by radon with a few small and inexpensive steps. Don't take a chance getting lung cancer when you can prevent it.

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